Sell my house fast Seattle- Simple & Effective Methods

So you want to sell house by owner, but you’re a little unsure if you’re up to it. Don’t worry, even if you’ve got no experience selling your own house, you can still make a good sale if you follow a tried and tested approach. This article provides you with a few methods you can use to speed up your sale, and shows you where to download a comprehensive sales strategy.

Using The Internet For Free Advertisement

There are literally thousands of places on the internet that allow you to advertise for free. Many of these sites will let you upload photos, write your own sales copy, and expose your property to millions of house hunters. However, you need to make sure to write a good campaign. This can be tricky if you don’t have any marketing experience. Click for more info On sell house fast Seattle

Effective Sales Copy And Headlines

As far as your actual written sales copy goes, it shouldn’t be too complicated. Stick to the hard facts about why your property is so great. Make good use of listing out the most positive aspects in bullet point form if possible. As for the headline, this is the MOST important part of any advertisement. Since we’re currently in a market where the buyer has the most leverage in a sale, focus on what THEY want to hear. For example:

– “Below market value”

– “Move your family in today”

– “Lowest price in history, make 200% profit in 3 years”

Everyone knows that houses have lost a lot in value, so you shouldn’t try to pretend that your house is worth more than market value. Choose a reasonably inexpensive price and DON’T use the phrase “negotiable”. In this market it will only lead people to undercut your asking price.